2022 General Paper (GP) A-Level Essay Questions and Commentary

2022 General Paper (GP) A-Level Essay Questions and Commentary Here are the essay questions for the 2022 A-Level General Paper! (Paper 1) 1. Consider the view that people imprisoned for crimes should lose all their rights. 2. Does religion still have a role in the modern world? 3. ‘Dramas on television or film are never as effective as a live performance.’ Discuss. 4. Assess the extent to which different age groups in your society are valued equally. 5. To what extent can individuals shape their own lives when the world is so unpredictable? 6. ‘Too many historical [...]

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Predictions for General Paper A-Level (2021)

Paper 1 predictions 1. Some students will misinterpret the question. Very sad, but not the end of the world. Just Paper 1. (There’s no such thing as an automatic fail at the A-Level so you can still score a decent grade even if you misinterpret the question but write a fantastic essay.) 2. Some students will be too hasty in eliminating questions that appear unrelated to anything they have studied. If they had examined some of these questions more closely, they would have found that a lot of what they had studied for could actually have been used. 3. [...]

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